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Cake Decorating


Cake Decorating is designed to teach the fundamentals of cake decorating.  This course covers the basic techniques that are needed to meet the demands of student(s) employed in bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants, resorts, and student(s) that are self-employed as a cake decorator.  Instruction will include borders, flowers, writing, and fondant.  The student(s) will learn butter cream designs that can be done quickly and directly on the cake top.  The student(s) will also learn how to construct a wedding cake & other special occasion cakes.

During instruction, the instructor will demonstrate the various decorating tools (tips, couplers, flower nail, etc.), different types of cake icing, consistency techniques & its purpose, different types of cake batter & its use. Student(s) are encourage to decorate as many cakes as he/she so desires. Course topics taught are: 1) Icing the Cake – the foundation; 2) Decorating Items: Tips, couplers, nails; 3) Decorating: edging & borders; Flowers; Piping; Using star tips & hand techniques, and writing tips & hand techniques.

Registration Cost


Additional Supplies

Instructor will provide cake decorating supply list on the first night of class.


No textbook is required for this course. Instructor will provide handouts and other reference materials.

Registration & Payment

Student(s) will register in-person on the first night of class. Payment will be required following registration also on the first night of class.

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