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Notary Public


Notary Public offers the basic information needed to perform the duties of a Notary Public. All persons who desire to become a commissioned notary must satisfactorily complete the course approved by the NC Secretary of State’s Office. Upon completion of the 6 hour course, the student(s) should be qualified for or accomplish a certificate to become a Notary Public thus the completion of the course does not constitute automatic eligibility to become a Notary Public; it is mandated that every student have his/her own Notary Book. Topics covered are: The Office of Notary; General Powers & Attestation; Certification; Oaths and Affidavits; End of Course Exam.

Upon successful completion of the Notary Public Education course, the Instructor will provide necessary steps for student(s) to submit of an application to the Secretary of State’s Office for the Notary Public license.

Registration Cost


Additional Supplies

A digital camera is required to take this course. No disposable cameras are allowed.


No textbook is required for this course. Instructor will provide handouts and other reference materials.

Registration & Payment

Student(s) will register in-person on the first night of class. Payment will be required following registration also on the first night of class.

For more information:

Kate Brown,
Program Coordinator

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