General Farm Maintenance


Student(s) are given a basic working knowledge of the following content areas as they apply to workers in the livestock and production facilities: Identify the different pieces of equipment used within the farm; understand how the equipment works; know the different components that operate that equipment; understand the basic concept of electricity; be able to use an electrical testing meter; be able to troubleshoot each piece of equipment; be able to correspond with maintenance techs in order to save time when maintenance is required; be able to make minor repairs that are within the limits of their safety requirements; to have an overall knowledge of everything they have on the farms.

General Farm Maintenance provides farm managers knowledge and skills in equipment used within a livestock production farm environment including: Electrical, augers, motors, plumbing, environmental controls, heaters, etc. Student(s) will learn how each piece of equipment is used within the farm and how that piece of equipment works; learn to troubleshoot and make minor repairs that are within their limits of safety requirements.

Registration Cost

Registration:  $125.00 + Insurance: $ .60 = $125.60

Entry Requirements

Student(s) must have some knowledge and experience of a farming environment associated with animals.


No textbook is required for this course. Instructor will provide handouts and other reference materials.

Registration & Payment

Student(s) will register in-person on the first night of class. Payment will be required following registration also on the first night of class.

For more information:

Kate Brown,
Program Coordinator