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Career Readiness Certification


The North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate Initiative is a unique workforce development resource system administered by the North Carolina Community Colleges in partnership with the local JobLink and Workforce Development Board. The System helps business, industry and public-sector employers statewide more successfully match employees’ skills with specific job requirements.


WorkKeys is implemented locally by trained professionals in three phases:

  • Job profiling to assess skills required for specific jobs
  • Assessment of existing and prospective employees
  • Training that is customized to employer needs

Career Readiness Certificate Initiative

The Career Readiness Certificate Initiative was created to advance the vocational education community’s ongoing efforts to provide a world-class workforce for North Carolina business and industry. The WorkKeys Career Readiness System fulfills the following functions:

  • Provides a “common metric of communication” among employees, employers and educators
  • Ensures that both education and job training systems are responsive to workplace realities
  • Addresses assessment and training needs of current, transitional and emerging workforces
  • Enhances economic development by building a world-class workforce for North Carolina

Benefits of Career Readiness

The System has had a dramatic, positive impact on the State’s efforts to provide business and industry in North Carolina with a tool that can improve productivity and competitiveness. The System’s impact has been felt in the following ways:

  • The System is improving employers’ ability to match workers’ skills to specific job requirements
  • The System has increased the use of job profiling, skills assessment and customized training
  • Bottom-line results include less employee turnover, decreased attrition costs, reduced training time and costs, enhanced skill levels, increased productivity and improved morale

Fore More Information:

Alonza Royal, Program Coordinator
(910) 592-7176 Ext: 4014

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