Fire Academy


*Students who complete the Fire Academy will receive certifications and training in the following:

  • NC Firefighter Certification
  • TIMS-Traffic Incident Management System
  • CPR-Cardiovascular Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • HazMat Level I Responder
  • Rescue Intervention Team Training

The Fire Academy of Sampson Community College is designed to:

  • Provide a cadet with a basic knowledge of fire service operations.
  • Provide entry level skills required by a majority of fire departments throughout the nation.
  • Provide a cadet with skills to develop teamwork, a positive attitude and public service commitment.

Overall – The purpose is to satisfy the successful completion of the manipulative and academic training requirements as established by OSFM (Office of State Fire Marshal) to be certified as a NC Fire Fighter.

Note:  All classes are offered as individual classes.  If a student needs to attend a one, two or etc. classes to complete his certification, then we are allowing them to do so.