Book an Appointment with a Tutor via ZOOM

Arts and Sciences courses have the option of using the Zoom drop-in tutoring lab. Each instructor has a dedicated office hour every week for a drop-in help session. Find your course and a time that meets your schedule, even if it is with a different instructor.

All math and chemistry courses have the option of face-to-face tutoring located in the Learning Resource Center Math & Science Drop in Lab. BIO 111 & 112 are also available in the lab. For a schedule of times the drop-in lab is available please refer to the Drop-in tutoring lab schedule. These times are highlighted in blue.

Contact Wanda Kenny, Learning Resource Center Navigator for assistance at 910-900-4117, or via email at wkenny@sampsoncc.edu to make an appointment. In your email or voicemail, please include your name, phone number, the subject for which you need tutoring, and the days and times you are available.

NOTE: Students under 18 need permission from a parent or guardian to use our online tutoring services. If you are under 18 and wish to use tutors online contact us prior to using the services.

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If you are a current SCC Student and the link does not work, please contact Wanda Kenny, Learning Resource Center Navigator at wkenny@sampsoncc.edu