Childcare Services


Childcare services can become quite challenging for student-parents. The Childcare Assistance Program at Sampson Community College is designed for any student-parent who qualifies based on a financial need, along with meeting other eligibility criteria. While SCC does not provide a childcare facility, a limited amount of childcare awards are offered to offset childcare costs incurred while students attend college. The purpose of these awards is to assist student-parents with child care expenses as they pursue and reach their educational goals.

Applying for Childcare Assistance

Any student who has childcare concerns should contact the Financial Aid Office to complete a Childcare Assistance Program Application, determine their eligibility to receive childcare funds, and to discuss other childcare resources. Childcare assistance awards are based on student need and the availability of funds. Students are always encouraged to apply.
Students are encouraged to apply for childcare assistance through the Department of Social Services (DSS)  before completing a Childcare Assistance Application at Sampson Community College. Once eligibility is determined by the Department of Social Services, a parent fee is is normally given. A parent fee is the amount of childcare expenses the student-parent is responsible for paying to the daycare provider.

For more information:

Holly Brewington
Financial Aid Office