Virtual Graduation Celebration

Congratulations Class of 2020!

Hi Viking Graduates! Congratulations on completing your coursework and making it to this day. We understand that nothing can take the place of a true commencement ceremony and the memories that families and friends often create on those days, but we hope you’ll enjoy the experience that we’ve created for you.

In this Virtual Graduation Celebration, you will find the Graduation Publication–filled with the names and faces of Sampson Community College’s Class of 2020 graduates. Just like at a typical commencement ceremony, we took the time to highlight individuals receiving special honors and achievements. You’ll also find best wishes and congratulatory remarks from faculty and staff around campus, those of whom several of you have become well acquainted with over the course of your time at Sampson Community College. Once you begin viewing, you only have to click to change the page–images and information will appear automatically. You’ll also get to hear well wishes from a few of these impactful individuals through a farewell video. At the bottom of this page, there is a Spotify playlist that you may listen to while going through the publication, just press play!

More than any class in recent memory, yours has undergone shocking changes and circumstances. From the recent Develop the East project incorporating walking trails and several other campus upgrades, to a global pandemic forcing online coursework and a virtual commencement, you’ve seen it all!

Congratulations and best wishes. We hope you enjoy!

Remember, you can download a PDF of this Virtual Graduation Publication by clicking the link below.

After the verification of grades and awarding of degrees, graduates will receive a graduation packet including: Diploma(s), One (1) Diploma Cover, One (1) Tassel, Awards Received (if applicable), Honor Cords Received (if applicable), One (1) Printed Copy of the Graduation Publication

Click to access the Virtual Graduation Publication

Click to access the 2020 Graduation Salute Video