#BeAViking Orientation


Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance to Sampson Community College! Completing a #BeAViking Orientation is the next step in joining the SCC family. At our #BeAViking sessions, new students are introduced to the academic excellence and vibrant campus life that comprises SCC.  It is designed to help students be successful at SCC so we encourage you to sign up for a session.  Please be sure that you have completed General Admissions requirements before signing up for a #BeAViking Session.

**Due to the ongoing nature of COVID-19, #BeAViking Orientation must be completed online. Please sign-up by clicking the appropriate link below.**

To cancel your reservation, please call Student Services at (910) 592-8084 or email admissions@sampsoncc.edu


  • Admissions & Residency Processes
  • Policies, Procedures, & Expectations for Students
  • Financial Planning
  • Student Resources
  • Online Technology & Distance Learning
  • Next Steps for Registration