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What is GATEWAY? Guided Approaches to Transfer Experiences that get you on your WAY. This program is designed for current High School students whose ultimate goal is to transfer to a four-year university. After graduating high school, students would attend Sampson Community College for one year to gain valuable academic and social skills to aid with a smooth transition from a small high school to a much larger university. The GATEWAY Program improves participating students’ chances of being accepted into their first choice university by as much as 40%. In addition, participating students and their families can enjoy substantial savings on college expenses vs. students that attend a four-year university directly following high school.

Next Steps

  1. Indicate your interest on either the Sampson Community College CCP application by checking the  GATEWAY box, or if you are already a CCP student, express interest to Mr. Perry Gillespie or Dr. Susan Baxter to be included in future mailings.
  2. Discuss your interest and plans with your high school guidance counselor.
  3. We will check to ensure you qualify for the College Transfer CCP pathway.  If you do not, you may still be eligible to participate provisionally while taking selective CCP courses.
  4. Consider which Career and College Promise courses will work best for you and your high school schedule.  A list of suggestions will be provided after you  express your interest in the program.
  5. Enroll in CCP courses, and attend the monthly seminars while in high school.  Seminars are open to families and are held at a variety of days/times.
  6. Enjoy one year at Sampson Community College after your high school graduation.  During that year participate in job shadowing, leadership opportunities, application assistance, and short-term study abroad.
  7. Celebrate your successful transfer to your first choice university and your significant savings from participating in the GATEWAY program.

For more information:

Dr. Susan Baxter,
Division Chair of Education Programs

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