General Admissions

Thank you for choosing Sampson Community College to further your education!

At Sampson Community College, there’s a pathway for everybody. Are you a student working towards transferring to a four-year university? We have many transfer options, including admission agreements with major institutes such as ECU and NC State University. Are you a high school student striving to earn college credit while enrolled in high school? If so, our Career and College Promise (CCP) program might be a great fit for you. Are you coming to Sampson Community College as a student of another institute so that you can accelerate your degree while you’re home for the summer? If so, we are happy to assist you with your educational goals. Regardless of who you are, or where you come from, we are dedicated to helping people from every walk of life. Between our academic advising and vibrant campus life, we are dedicated to helping you #BeginHereGoAnywhere!

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New Student Admissions

If you have already graduated high school and have never attended Sampson Community College, you are considered a New Student. Thank you for choosing Sampson Community College, we look forward to exceeding your expectations!

If you are currently attending high school in Sampson County, you may be eligible to participate in our Career & College Promise (CCP)! This program is designed for high school students to earn college credits while still in high school. While enrolled in our CCP Program, you will be considered dual-enrolled in both your respective high school as well as Sampson Community College. Upon completion of the CCP Program, you have the potential to exit high school with a transferable Associate Degree.

Non-Degree Programs

If you want to rapidly enter the workforce, then consider our Workforce Development & Continuing Education (WD&CE)! The WD&CE division offers short-term training to help you become a tradesman, enter the healthcare field, and more! Students will exit their program with certifications to become more marketable in their field, rather than an Associate Degree.

Were you enrolled at Sampson Community College in the past? Firstly—welcome back! Secondly, you are considered a Returning Student! This is only applicable if you have ever been enrolled in a curriculum program, as a CCP student, or as an Sampson Early College High School student.

Are you currently attending another college or university? If so, you may be considered a Visiting Student. We are happy to work with students from other institutes if you would like to simply take a course or two at an affordable cost! Additionally, if you would like to take a for-credit class for your own personal development, you are considered a Special Credit Student.