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Gainful Employment


Federal regulations published in October 2010 require institutions to report certain information about students who enrolled in Title IV eligible educational programs leading to gainful employment in a recognized field. All programs at Sampson Community College are designed to lead to either employment or transfer; subsequently, the Department of Education requires us to provide disclosure information on the specific programs listed below.

These programs are either certificate or diploma programs and are also Title IV eligible educational programs. To comply with the federal mandate, Sampson Community College has created this web page for prospective students to access program information (including links to occupational information), estimated cost of program, normal time for program completion, median debt at program completion, and job placement rate (if available).

Diploma/Certificate Programs

PLEASE NOTE: The institution is exempt from disclosing median debt amounts and on-time completion rates for programs with less than 10 graduates. Additionally, Sampson Community College does NOT provide on-campus living facilities, so room and board costs are not applicable.

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