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Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant


The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant is available via federal funds provided for low-income U.S. Citizens or permanent residents who are enrolled in an eligible curriculum with extreme financial need. The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant awards range from $100 to $400 yearly and are intended to supplement the Federal Pell Grant. To qualify, students must complete the FAFSA.


The SCC Financial Aid Office awards SEOG funds to students who are eligible for the maximum Pell Grant (0 EFC) and who apply early. If you are awarded SEOG funds, the award will be on your award letter. These funds will be included in your excess check on the designated check dates.


Host Institution vs. Home Institution

Students cannot receive Federal Aid or State Aid at more than one institution at a time. Financial Aid should be disbursed from the “Home” institution and not at the “Host” institution. The “Home” institution is defined as “the college that the student is planning to complete his/her degree.” The result of a student charging/receiving funds from two institutions during a semester will result in an over-payment and the student will be required to pay back funds.

Full-Time Enrollment

Full-time enrollment is 12 or more credit hours; three-fourths time is 9 to 11 credit hours; one-half time is 6 to 8 credit hours; less than half-time is 1 to 5 hours. Students that audit or never attend a class are not eligible for Pell Grant for the designated class(es). The Financial Aid Office will deduct tuition, fees, books, and supplies from your award for each semester. After the 30% of the semester, the Financial Aid Office will verify each student’s attendance and will authorize an excess check of the remaining balance for the semester.

Refund Policy

You may be required to repay a percentage of these funds if you withdraw from all classes prior to completing 60% of the semester. If you charge tuition, fees, books or other materials in the bookstore using any federal or state aid or receive an excess check from these programs, you will be required to repay a portion of those funds if you quit attending classes on or before the 60% point.

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