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Refund Checks


Financial Aid Excess Refund Checks are based on the classes a student has enrolled for that have started. If a student is enrolled in both full term (16 weeks) and mini-term (8 weeks) classes they will not be entitled to their full refund check until all classes have begun. These students may be eligible for two different excess refund checks at two different times during the semester. Eligibility for two different Financial Aid Excess Refund Checks is not guaranteed. Eligibility can be adversely effective if a student has been dropped from any of their classes are stops attending their classes all together. This could result any no additional funds being due to the student. A student who completely withdrawals or is dropped from all their classes before the 60% point of the semester could be in an overpayment situation and be required to pay Federal Title IV Funds back to Sampson Community College and possibly to the Department of Education.

Checks Will Be Available Beginning:

February 14, 2017

Picking Up Your Check

Checks will be available for pickup from 8am-6pm on February 14th at the Business Office service window located in North Building (see Campus Map). PLEASE NOTE: Checks will need to be picked up in-person.

Get in line based on your last name

There will two lines on the day of check pickups: Line 1 will be for any students with the last name A-L, Line 2 will be for any students with last name M-Z. Checks are sorted based on your last name, so please be sure to get in the correct line to get to the correct window.

Student ID Required

To pick up your refund check, you will need to provide an official SCC Student ID. If you do not have your SCC Student ID, you WILL NOT be able to pick up your check. If you need to replace your Student ID, replacements can be purchased in the Business Office for $5. We strongly recommend purchasing a replacement ID if needed BEFORE checks are disbursed on February 14th.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have your SCC Student ID on February 14th, you will need to wait in the same line as those with their IDs in order to purchase a replacement.

Checking Financial Aid Status

If you were awarded financial aid for the Spring 2017 semester and need to check whether or not you will be receiving a refund, you can check this information using WebAdvisor.

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