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Identifying Your Student Login

Student Account Information

Below you will find information on how to identify your student username, password, and how to access your Webadvisor, Office365, and Moodle.

To navigate these panels below click the “-” and “+” to collapse or expand each step.

SCC student usernames are a combination of your first name, last name, and student ID.

The format of your username will be as follows: First Name Initial + Last Name + last 4 numbers of your student ID.

  • Hyphens are not counted, nor used, in usernames.
  • Usernames will only count the first 9 letters of your last name.

Example: Betty Smith-Jones will have a username of bsmithjone5678

New students will receive an initial password of bd + the students birthday in ddmmyy format.

Example: A student with the birthday of May 18, 1999 will be given a password of bd051899

Use this password, or your current password if you changed it already, to enroll yourself in the password reset portal.

Steps for this are: (NOTE: You will need to have your Student ID card)

  1. Click the link provided here. (link)
  2. Follow the list on the portal in the order of: Enroll to secure your identity and then Change your password.
  3. You can not reset your password until you have enrolled.

Now that you have identified your username and password you are ready to start accessing accounts.

Webadvisor is the place for students to check financial aid status, register for classes, obtain schedule, etc. (maybe add more)

Below are the steps to access your Webadvisor:

  1. Click the link provided to open Webadvisor. (link)
  2. Locate and click “Login” in the top right of the Webadvisor homepage.
  3. Provide your SCC username and the password you created earlier.

Your school email account will be one of your main ways of contacting your online instructs.

Attention: Instructors will NOT reply to emails from personal email addresses so it is a necessity to make sure you can access this account.

Steps to access your student email:

  • Navigate to Office365 login page through the link provided. (link)

  • Once here you will need to input your Full school email address.
  • This is your school username with “” added to it.


  • Now press “Enter”
  • Now just enter your username without the “” extension and enter your password. (same as Webadvisor)

Moodle is the learning management system SCC uses for students to participate in their courses.

Moodle is not available to students until the first day of class.

Attention: Your Moodle password is not synced with your Office365 or Webadvisor.

To access Moodle for the first time follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Moodle. (link)
  2. Click Login located in the top right of the Moodle homepage.
  3. Your Moodle username will be the SAME as your Webadvisor username.
  4. Your initial Moodle password will be bd + your birthday in ddmmyy format like earlier.

Example: May 15, 1999 is bd051599

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