Distance Learning FAQ


I am a new student, when will I have access to Moodle?

New students will have access the same day that courses begin for their upcoming term.

When will my courses be available in Moodle?

All curriculum courses will be available in Moodle on the first day of the term by 8:00 a.m.

Who do I contact if I do not see my course(s) listed in Moodle on or after the first day of the semester?

Moodle courses are not available until the first day of the semester, or the courses start date if it is a mini-mester course. If it is on, or after, the first day of class and you do not see your course in Moodle contact your advisor, and/or student services, to verify you are still enrolled in the course and then contact the Distance Learning Department:



My course was available yesterday in Moodle, but not today. What should I do?

If a course was available, but the next day it is now gone. You will need to contact your instructor to see if you have been dropped from the course.

I can't login to Moodle! Who do I call?

Email: dlhelpdesk@sampsoncc.edu

Phone: 910-900-4309

How often should I login to Moodle?

Moodle should be accessed AT LEAST 3 times per week. This will allow you to keep up with any changes in Moodle by the instructor that may not be communicated to you via email.

How often should I check my SCC email?

EVERY DAY. Your college email will be the primary point of contact between your instructor and you/your class, and vice versa. Instructors at SCC are advised never to respond to a personal email address of a student.

The reason checking your email every day is so essential is to keep up with any changes that may take place in your courses.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my Moodle course content or Activities

Any questions you have regarding assignments, due dates, problems taking quizzes, locating office hours, etc.. should always start with contacting your instructor.

An assignment tells me I may need to disable my pop-up blocker to take a quiz. How do I do this?

Some activities in Moodle involve the use of pop-up windows. Browsers are normally default to block pop-ups. To adjust the settings for pop-ups in Google Chrome please click the link below. Google Chrome is the recommended browser for SCC students to use.

Google Chrome – Adjusting your Pop-up blocker settings

My instructor needs a screenshot of my problem. How do I do this?

The following website contains instructions on how to take a screenshot in the most popular operating systems.