Distance Learning

Getting Started!

Welcome to Distance Learning at Sampson Community College. Here at SCC we offer a variety of online courses, certificates, and our very own Viking Express program. Faculty and Staff at SCC are here to assist you with your education and provide you with the ability to maintain your daily life and obtain your degree at your own pace.

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Online Programs Available


Online Learner Self-Assessment

Online courses are very flexible and allow students to get an education at their own pace. If you are interested in taking online courses the VLC offers a self-assessment tool to see if you are ready for online courses. Click the link below to take the test!

Self-Assessment Test

How to Apply to Sampson Community College

The General Admissions page has information for new, returning, high school, and special credit students on how they can apply for classes here at Sampson Community College.

Placement Testing

Placement testing takes place at the Sampson Community College campus. For more information you can visit the Placement Testing page.

Online Financial Aid

  • If you are a potential student and would like information about how to apply for Financial Aid please click here:

SCC Financial Aid – Applying for Financial Aid

  • After you complete your FAFSA be sure to follow up with the Financial Aid department:

Email: finaid@sampsoncc.edu

Online Payment

New students have access to their MySCC accounts typically 24 hours after applying for Sampson Community College.

  • To pay for classes online you will login to your MySCC Login account and access WebAdvisor.
  • Click the Student block and then click Make a Payment. You will need a credit/debit card to pay online.

Online Orientation

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State Authorization for Out-of-State Students

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Moodle Resources

  • Navigating Moodle
  • Moodle Mobile – Moodle is available as an app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The site address for SCC Moodle is: mymoodle.sampsoncc.edu. The Moodle Mobile app should not be depended on for completing coursework.

Getting Help

  • Technology Access Information
  • Technology Support Services
  • Proctoring

Enrollment Verification

Students must verify their enrollment one of two ways in a course.

  • Traditional Courses – Students must attend class by the census date. (Example: Courses with an 0TR01, 0TR02, 0TR03, etc.. section are traditional/Face-to Face)
  • Online Courses – Students must complete the Mandatory Online Course Assessment (MOCA) in Moodle by the census date to be counted enrolled for the course. (Example: Courses with an 0IN01, 1IN01, 0IN02, 1IN02 etc.. section are Online)
  • Blended and Hybrid Courses – Students must complete a Syllabus Acknowledgement Quiz, or attend class by the census date. (Example: Courses with 1HB01, 1BL01, 1HB02, 1BL02, etc.. are Hybrid or Blended.)

The census date is the 10% point of the course based on the start and end date of the course in question. Every course does not have the same census date!

Failure to attend class, or complete an online assignment, will result in the student being dropped from the course.

Faculty Resources