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Employee Directory

Adams, Ronnie2015Maintenance
Ammons, WalterInstructor, Truck Driver
Bass, Chet7001Department Chair of Applied Animal
Batts-Rodriguez, KellyInstructor, Associate Degree Nursing
Bautista, Leslie2001Receptionist/Support
Baxter, Hannah6009Early
Baxter, Dr. Susan2502Division Chair of Education Programs/QEP
Black, AmyInstructor, Academy of Continuing Excellence (ACE)
Bradshaw, Amanda2032Dean of Workforce Development & Continuing
Bradshaw, Robin6511Coordinator/Instructor - Unlicensed Health Care Programs (WD&CE)
Brake, Nancy3510Instructor, Life
Brewington, Holly2022Director of
Brown, Katie4010Director of Customized Training & Occupational Ext. Programming (WD&CE)
Brown, MarkInstructor, Welding
Burns, Susan5508Lead Instructor,
Capps, Wanda6510Division Chair of Health
Caraway, Laura3503Instructor, English/SECHS
Carter, Melissa4001Administrative Assistant - Workforce Development & Continuing
Carwise, Alisha6506Instructor, Practical
Cashwell, Reuben7001Instructor, Industrial Systems
Coe, Torwanna2503Instructor,
Daughtery, Beth5501Division Secretary - Arts &
Davis, Kim 2029Financial Aid
Eavenson, Jennifer5513Instructor,
Edge, Krystle6514Instructor, Associate Degree
Edwards, Kristina6502Instructor, Practical
Eichberg, Ciera6015Early
Eichberg, Ken6005Early
Ezzell, Melissa3509Instructor,
Faison-Stevens, LaVoice3519Director of College & Career
Frazier, Jason5502Instructor,
Garner, ShaneitaInstructor, College & Career
Gillespie, Anna6020Early
Gillespie, Perry2018Career & College Promise (CCP)
Godwin, Pam3009Bookstore/Auxiliary Services
Grady, Barney7005Department Chair of Building Construction
Grady, Darryl3001Director of
Gravis, Lewis5000Instructor,
Gray, Laura6508Instructor, Associate Degree
Grubb, Dan2041TV Production Coordinator/
Hairr, Blair2021Dean of Student
Hayes, Benita2514Department Chair of Office Administration & Medical Office
Herring, Sharon2507Instructor,
Holland, Tiffany6010Early
Honeycutt, Britt5507Instructor,
Horne, Lisa3004Coordinator of Auxiliary
Howard, Adriene3513College & Career Readiness/HRD Data
Hudson, Betty3005Assistant Printing Technician/Assistant Equipment
Huskey, Lauren2033Department Chair of Accounting & Business
Hutchins, Dr.
Jackson, Amelia2027Admissions & Records
Jackson, Kelly2014Vice President of Finance & Auxiliary
Jackson TommyInstructor, Truck Driver
Jernigan, Susan3505Instructor,
Johnson, Emily5504Instructor,
Jones, Loreta6014Department Chair of
Jones, Sheron3517Instructor - College & Career
Jordan, Nicole2010Payroll Officer/Accounts Receivable
Kemmer, Bill2508Computer Systems
Kemmer, Toledo4003Workforce Development
Kennedy, B.G.2501Instructor, Human Services
Kenny, Wanda5012Computer Lab Coordinator/Academic Success
King, Durwood7002Instructor, Industrial
Lane, Daphene6503Instructor, Practical
Lewis, KristaCashier/Business Office Assistant
Lindsey, Cornelius2521Computer Systems
Locklear, David7004Instructor, Industrial Systems
Lockwood, David5010Distance Learning/Computer Systems
Magill, Angela4007Department Chair of EMS (curriculum)/Coordinator of EMS - Workforce Development & Continuing
Marco, Angela5511Instructor, History/Political
Matthis, Rex8000Department Chair of Welding
McKee, Nathan7011Department Chair of Information Technology/
McLamb, Carol5004Library Technical
Melvin, April3518Instructor - College & Career
Merritt, Cheryl2008Accounts Payable Coordinator/Payroll
Negron-Lopez, Nydia3515Coordinator of College & Career Readiness/
Odum, Donna 5002Director of Library
Parker, Regina6505Instructor, Associate Degree
Parrott, Summer2011Cashier/Business Office
Phipps, Carole5505Division Chair of Arts & Sciences Programs/Instructor,
Pope, Marion5007Coordinator of Distance
Pope, Sabrina6514Instructor, Associate Degree
Powell, Marleen2024Director of Financial
Rackley, Jeanette2017Student Services Office
Raynor, Amanda4001SGA Advisor/Support
Raynor, Hope6003Early
Register, Ashley6500Division Secretary - Health
Rice, Bart4004Director of Small Business
Rogers, Edith2511Division Secretary - Business & Occupational Technologies
Rogers, Joy5503Instructor,
Rondon, Marvin2034Director of Academic Services & Institutional
Rouse, Anna4011Coordinator/Lead Instructor -
Academy of Continuing Excellence (ACE)
Royal, Alonza4014Director of Allied Health & HRD Programming - Workforce Development & Continuing
Ryals, Shelley5003Coordinator of Library
Sadvary, Karen2047Director of Internal
Scott, Rebecca6501Instructor, Unlicensed Health Care Programs (WD&CE)
Shatley, Kayla2008Coordinator of Financial
Shillady, Cindy5512Instructor,
Shirley, Pharris6001Instructor,
Sinclair, Shannon6025Early
Smith, Dr. Lisa6504Instructor, Associate Degree
Smith, Ne'Quoya "CeCe"2044FAFSA Specialist
Smith, Dr. Tonita2025Counselor / Disability
Smoak, Michelle6024Early
Stamey, Fred4002Lead Instructor - Truck Driver Training (WD&CE)
Stanley, Ashley6023Early
Starling, Dr. Bill2004Vice President of Academic Affairs &
Stevens, Dr. Veronica6509Department Chair of Nursing/Instructor, Associate Degree
Sutter, Frankie2005Director of Personnel/Executive Assistant to the
Tousey, Angela2509Director of Information Technology
Turlington, Lisa2042SCC Foundation Executive
Turnage, Misti6515Instructor, Medical
Tyndall, Jessica6011Early
Warner, Angie2006Coordinator of Planning &
Warren, Amanda6022Early
Watson, Carol4005Registrar -
Workforce Development & Continuing Education
Wenrich, Janet2009Janet
West, Sharon2500Division Secretary -
Education Programs/QEP Administrative Support/BLET
Westerbeek, Susan6006Early
Westphal, Ria5509Instructor, Humanities/
Whaley, Aleta4013Director of Public Safety - Workforce Development & Continuing
Wiggins, Brandon2043Foundation Assistant/Social Media Specialist/
Wiley, Jennifer7009Division Chair of Business & Occupational Technologies/Dept. Chair of Criminal Justice/Director of
Williams, Vicky2506Instructor, Office Administration & Medical Office
Willoughby, Patricia2515Department Chair of Community Spanish
Wolf, Paul5510Instructor,
Wrench, Phillip2516Computer Systems
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