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Student Ambassadors

Brittany Andrew

Class of 2019
Major: Associate Degree Nursing
Interests/Extracurricular: Singing and attending Church activities
Favorite thing about SCC: My favorite aspect about Sampson Community College is how community oriented they are and how easily approachable the faculty and staff is. Everyone is willing to help and that is what makes Sampson such a great place to begin.

Kamilah Gonzalez

Class of 2018
Major: Associates in Arts then transfer for Bachelor’s at North Carolina State University
Interests/Extracurricular: I am a Student Ambassador, work-study student, and also a peer-tutor at Sampson Community College, which has given me the chance to learn more about the SCC environment. I enjoy spending my time volunteering at certain events in Raleigh that deal with promoting the importance of education for the Hispanic community. I also help out at Fort Bragg, NC at the USO center where we arrange family activities for soldiers that are currently stationed at the military base.
Favorite thing about SCC: There are a lot of opportunities that Sampson Community College has to offer, in which gives students the chance to demonstrate their passion to begin here and go anywhere. The teachers at this institution have a huge impact on each and every student’s performance, which makes this college one of a kind. Its been said that, “A good teacher makes a great student”. I believe this quote reflects upon the

Sabra Knowles

Class of 2018
Major: Associate Degree Nursing
Interests/Extracurricular: Spending time with family and friends, going to the beach, going to football games, volunteering with new student orientations and student events
Favorite thing about SCC: My favorite aspect about SCC is the academic environment. The SCC administrators and instructors does a great job at preparing their students to meet their career and future goals.

Sophia Miller

Class of 2018
Major: Associate in Science then transfer for Bachelor’s in Biochemistry at North Carolina State University
Interests/Extracurricular: SGA, Tutoring, Reading fashion blogs and magazines, and Hunting.
Favorite thing about SCC: I am absolutely in love with the smaller classroom environment and the many resources SCC offers, such as the Academic Success Center! I also love the fact that the faculty here at Sampson Community College is determined to make sure that students have the best academic year possible!

Gregory Rackley

Class of 2018
Major: Accounting, Business Administration
Interests/Extracurricular: Martial Arts, Working Out, Drawing
Favorite thing about SCC: The atmosphere.

Nicole Spell

Class of 2018
Major: General education (kinesiology/ exercise science for a university as I plan to obtain my PhD in Physical Therapy)
Interests/Extracurricular: Math and health science are my favorite subjects. I tutor in the Academic Success Center at SCC every day in a wide variety of subjects including my favorites. I’m an SCC ambassador and full-time student. I love cooking, running, reading and spending time with my family and friends.
Favorite thing about SCC:  I have two that I love about SCC…
1) The faculty/teachers – they are all exceptional! They are always kind and understanding to the students, which is the exact opposite of what we are told in high school. They understand that life happens and help us work around areas we have trouble in. Oftentimes, they go out of their way to make sure their students understand the material and what is asked of assignments and projects.
2) The staff – they are all so helpful and kind and ready to help all kinds of students in need, regardless of that need. Financial? They will help you apply for financial aid and scholarships! Emotional? They got your back! Educational! They can guide you in the right direction for that too!

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