Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador, Chandler Ray

Chandler Ray

Class of 2019

Major: Associates of Arts then I plan to transfer to a four year university
Interests/Extracurricular: I am a student ambassador at SCC and I attend school full time and I also work part time. I enjoy spending my free time hunting or staying involved in sports in my community.
Favorite thing about SCC: My favorite thing about Sampson Community College is the one on one student-teacher connection you get by having smaller classrooms. It makes me feel like I am more part of a family versus having large classrooms where teachers may not know you outside of the classroom. I feel like the small classrooms benefit me in my education because of that reason.
Student Ambassador, Jazmine Price

Jazmine Price

Class of 2022

Major: Early Childhood Education> I plan on transferring to Fayetteville state to get my Bachelors in Birth-Kindergarten.
Interests/Extracurricular: I am a Student Ambassador and a peer-tutor here at SCC. I am glad to be a part of these wonderful groups because it will open up more opportunities for me and also give me the opportunity to interact more on campus. Last summer I volunteered at my church to help out with the summer feeding program, and I enjoyed being a part of that program because every day more and more people came out to enjoy the meal that we provided. It made me extremely happy to be able to help other people out in my community. I also enjoy reading, hanging with my friends, going to church, and watching Netflix in my free time.
Favorite thing about SCC: My favorite thing about Sampson Community College is that the teachers and students on campus are very friendly and polite. The teachers are very understanding and work with you throughout the class. So, don’t be scared to ask questions if you’re confused or need help with something.