Basic Law Enforcement Training | BLET


The North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission mandates the Basic Law Enforcement Training curriculum. Successful completion of the BLET curriculum certificate program requires that the student satisfy the minimum requirements for certification by the Criminal Justice Commission including passing the POPAT course. Students satisfactorily completing this program should possess at least the minimum degree of general attributes, knowledge, and skills to function as a law enforcement officer. Job opportunities are available with state, county, and municipal governments in North Carolina. In addition, knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired in this course of study qualify one for job opportunities with private enterprises in such areas as industrial, and private security. The BLET curriculum includes a total of 640 hours minimum of instruction.

Course Content

BLET Course Content Includes:

Experiential Credit

Successful completion of the BLET Academy gives students experiential credit for CJC131, CJC132, CJC221, JC225, and CJC231 towards their SCC degree in Criminal Justice Technology.