LPN to ADN Online


For general inquiries regarding the LPN to ADN Online program, please contact lpntoadn@sampsoncc.edu.

The LPN to ADN option is a unique two semester online/hybrid option which includes a clinical component. Although primary instruction will be delivered via the Internet, students are required to return to campus for specified activities such as orientation and tests. It is a limited enrollment associate’s degree that traditionally accepts 10 students each fall (subject to change). Students are selected through a documentation and testing process.

Admissions Requirements

Submit an online SCC Admissions Application.

Sampson Community College
P.O. Box 318
Clinton, NC 28329

LPN to ADN Online Requirements

Submit the LPN to ADN Online Packet and a copy of your American Heart Association Basic Life Support CPR card to the Administrative Assistant of Health Programs by January 31st of the year desiring admission.

Applications from the previous year will not be carried over to the next year. Applicants must resubmit the LPN to ADN Online Packet.

  • Applicants must be currently licensed and practicing LPNs. Applicants must have been employed for the past two years as an LPN with 2000 or more hours experience in a medical/surgical unit of an acute care hospital or skilled nursing facilityThere are NO exceptions to this requirement. Clinics, infirmaries, doctor’s offices, hospice, prisons, and home health care do not meet this requirement.
  • Hold a current unrestricted LPN license in North Carolina (or compact state).
  • CPR certified:  American Heart Association – Basic Life Support Card required.
  • The LPN to ADN online option requires ALL of the following ADN support classes are completed (earning a “C” or better) at a regionally accredited institution:
  • Students that have not had a computer class in the last 5 years will be required to take a computer assessment test with a passing score. Due to the nature of the LPN to ADN Online Option, students must possess effective computer skills, have an active e-mail address and access to a computer meeting the minimum standards for on-line education and be willing and able to purchase and install appropriate software. SCC’s hardware/software requirements can be found in the SCC distance learning handbook. SCC will set the date for testing if needed.
  • Students applying to the LPN to ADN online option must achieve a score of 94% Probability of Passing NCLEX PN on the entrance exam. Please submit a copy of your passing exam score with your application. Scores are acceptable for a period of three years.
  • For more information on testing please click here.

LPN to ADN Online Program Information

Each of the two LPN to ADN courses require 144 hours of clinical practice, UNPAID, and under the supervision of an RN. This may be arranged in the student’s place of residence and possibly within the current place of work, but may not be within the same unit of employment. All clinical experiences must be within North Carolina and the nursing faculty must make final approval of facilities and preceptor(s).

Upon successful completion of the two semesters, the student will graduate at the end of Spring Semester with an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Nursing and be eligible to take the National Council Licensure Exam – RN.

LPN to ADN applicants must assume responsibility for confirming that required documents, official transcripts, scores, and grades have been received by the Admissions Office by the application deadline.

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