Healthcare Programs


SCC’s Health Care Programs offer opportunities to pursue challenging and rewarding careers in the health care field. With the knowledge and skills you will acquire as a graduate, employment can be found in hospitals, physician offices, nursing homes as well as other health care settings. SCC is a leader in providing health programs which allow graduates to make a difference in the lives of others.  SCC faculty are committed to preparing graduates who are competent and effective health care providers for our community in improving the quality of life. The Health Care programs faculty and staff model SCC’s core values of academic excellence, teamwork, responsibility, accountability, collaboration with our community, life-long learning, honesty and integrity in our programs and our activities.

Special Admissions

Acceptance into the following health programs at Sampson Community College requires students to complete Special Admissions:

Associate Degree Nursing | ADN

Licensed Practical Nursing | LPN

LPN to ADN Admissions

For information on entering either the LPN to ADN Advanced Placement program or the the LPN to ADN Online program, please visit the program page.

LPN to ADN | Advanced Placement

LPN to ADN | Online

Institutional and Professional Licensure Disclosures for Enrolled and Prospective Students

The nursing programs at Sampson Community College satisfy the professional licensure requirements in North Carolina and prepare students to sit for these exams. However, requirements in other states may be different. North Carolina is considered a compact state regarding licensure. If you are considering a program that may lead to a professional license, it is advised to inquire with your prospective state Board of Nursing. See the links below for more information on Nurse Licensure Compact:

General Admissions

Acceptance into the following health programs at Sampson Community College requires students to complete General Admissions:

Emergency Medical Science

Medical Assisting

Statement Regarding Vaccinations:

Sampson Community College does not require specific vaccines in order to enroll or attend classes on campus.  Nursing and health science programs require clinical hours to be completed at one or more at clinical sites under agreement with the College.  Students admitted to these programs must comply with the requirements set by outside clinical agencies which may include a criminal background check, drug screen, physical, and/or specific vaccines.  Decisions about an individual student’s presence in the clinical environment are made by the clinical agencies.

Clinical sites may be subject to the COVID-19 requirements of the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services or other requirements established by the clinical site.  Students are guests in these clinical facilities and in order to maintain clinical privileges, must abide by the clinical site’s requirements for students and faculty.

Notice of changes of agency requirements may or may not provide students or faculty with advance notice of any changes. If vaccination becomes a requirement at one of SCC’s clinical agencies, lack thereof may affect students and their completion of a course and program.

If requirements are made by an SCC clinical agency and a student chooses not to comply, they may not be eligible to complete the clinical requirements of the program and will become unable to complete a course and the program.