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School Age Education


This curriculum prepares individuals to work with children in elementary through middle grades in diverse learning environments. Students will combine learned theories with practice in actual settings with school-age children under the supervision of qualified teachers. Course work includes child growth/development; computer technology in education; physical/nutritional needs of school-age children; care and guidance of school-age children; and communication skills with families and children. Students will foster the cognitive/language, physical/motor, social/emotional, and creative development of school-age populations.

Credential Requirements

Associate of Applied Science Degree - School-Age Education

Semester One
ACA115College Student Success1 Credit(s)
EDU 144Child Development I3 Credit(s)
EDU 216Foundations of Education4 Credit(s)
EDU 235School-Age Dev and Program3 Credit(s)
EDU 271Educational Technology3 Credit(s)
PED 110Fitness and Wellness for Life2 Credit(s)
Total Semester Credits: 16
Semester Two
EDU 131Child, Family, and Community3 Credit(s)
EDU 145Child Development II3 Credit(s)
EDU 163Classroom Management and Instruction3 Credit(s)
HIS 111World Civilizations I3 Credit(s)
Choose One:
HUM 211Humanities I3 Credit(s)
HUM 212Humanities II3 Credit(s)
Choose One:
MAT 115Mathematical Models3 Credit(s)
MAT 140Survey of Mathematics3 Credit(s)
Total Semester Credits: 18
Semester Three
ENG 111Expository Writing3 Credit(s)
PSY 150General Psychology3 Credit(s)
Total Semester Credits: 6
Semester Four
EDU 221Children with Exceptionalities3 Credit(s)
EDU 250Praxis I Preparation1 Credit(s)
MAT 161College Algebra3 Credit(s)
MAT 161ACollege Algebra Lab1 Credit(s)
Choose One:
HIS 131American History I3 Credit(s)
HIS 132American History II3 Credit(s)
Choose One:
ENG 113Literature-Based Research3 Credit(s)
ENG 114Prof Research and Reporting3 Credit(s)
Total Semester Credits: 14
Semester Five
BIO 110Principles of Biology4 Credit(s)
COE 110World of Work1 Credit(s)
COM 231Public Speaking3 Credit(s)
EDU 280Language and Literacy Exp3 Credit(s)
EDU 285Internship Expo-School Age4 Credit(s)
EDU 289Adv Issues/School Age2 Credit(s)
Total Semester Credits: 17

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Before registering for classes, all students must complete the general admissions process. Review the Admissions Overview to get started.

Help Paying For School

Students enrolling in for-credit curriculum courses can apply for multiple forms of financial assistance to help pay for school including Federal Student Aid and SCC Foundation Scholarships.

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