Viking Express

Earn an Associate in Arts Degree in One Year!

If you are interested in earning your Associate in Arts degree in just one year, then the Viking Express may be just right for you.  The Viking Express is an accelerated program where students will complete five eight-week consecutive sessions beginning in August and ending in July of each academic school year. Coursework is either offered fully online or via hybrid/online course delivery.

How do I apply?

  1. Submit the SampsonCC Interest Form, and select Viking Express under the Area of Interest question.
  2. Complete all New Student Enrollment requirements. This includes the NC Residency Determination, the SCC Application, mailing of an official transcript to SCC, the FAFSA Application, completion of Placement Testing (if necessary), and the attendance of a #BeAViking New Student Enrollment Session.
  3. Attend the Viking Express Orientation on August 8th, 2019.

Is the Viking Express a Good Fit for Me?
The Viking Express is a good fit for you if you satisfy the following personal criteria:

  • Hardworking
  • Good work ethic
  • Serious about academic studies
  • Effective time-management skills
  • Dedicated to completing work in a timely manner

Expectations for Participants
Utilize technology effectively to complete online coursework.

  1. Maintain continuous enrollment in all eight-week sessions.
  2. Consult your Viking Express advisor (Mr. Gravis) every semester prior to registration and before withdrawing from any course.
  3. Remain in good academic standing and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 or higher.
  4. Seek academic resources, such as tutoring, as prescribed by your instructor or your Viking Express advisor.
  5. Provide current contact information and provide Student Services with any updates if applicable.
  6. Reply to all College email and telephone messages within a 24-hour timeframe.
  7. Abide by all institutional policies including the code of Student Conduct.

Transfer Eligibility
Graduates from Sampson Community College with an Associate in Arts (AA) degree having an overall GPA of at least 2.0 with a grade of C or better in all of their Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) courses will be eligible for the transferability of all college course credits.

Community college graduates must obtain a grade of C or better in all of their courses and maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher in order to transfer to a four-year college or university as a junior.  Additionally, college courses may transfer through bilateral agreements between college institutions.

Additionally, any courses completed at Sampson Community College or a SACS-regionally accredited institution with a grade C or better within the past ten years may be considered for college course credit toward the Viking Express program.  This will result in a student having to take fewer courses coupled with an additional financial savings.  This is a win-win situation.

Viking Express application deadline: July 15, 2019.
Viking Express mandatory orientation: August 8, 2019. The orientation may also be completed online.
Viking Express program start date: August 19, 2019.

Fall 2019
Session 1: August 19, 2019 – October 10, 2019
Session 2: October 14, 2019 – December 17, 2019

Spring 2020
Session 3: January 7, 2020 – February 27, 2020
Session 4: March 2, 2020 – May 8, 2020

Summer 2020
Session 5: May 18, 2020 – July 8, 2020

Program Eligibility

  1. Received a high school diploma or equivalency within the past ten years.
  2. Completed high school college transfer pathway with a minimum 2.8 unweighted GPA or met standardized assessment benchmarks for English, reading, and math within the past five years.

Standardized Assessment Benchmarks:

English: Reading 20 and English 18
Math: Math 22

English (Before March 2016): Writing and critical reading 500 (each)
Math (Before March 2016): 500
English (After March 2016): Evidence-based reading 480
Math (After March 2016): 530

English: DRE composite score of 151 or higher
Math: 7 or higher on all DMA 010 – DMA 060 modules


Program Savings
The Associate in Arts degree has 60-61 general education credits required for graduation.  The tuition for in-state curriculum students is $76 per credit hour.  The College shall charge each credit hour taken up to 16 credit hours.  All credit hours taken during the semester that exceed 16 hours will be included at no cost. Therefore, the cost savings each semester would be as follows:

Fall 2019: 23 credits – 16 credits = a savings of $532.00
Spring 2020: 26 credits – 16 credits = a savings of $760.00
Tuition Savings = $1,292.00

Completing the Viking Express program saves one year of student fees at SCC (approximately $150) and one year of financial aid eligibility toward completion of a bachelor’s degree (a significant savings of up to $6,000).

Additionally, many courses do not require the use of textbooks.

Viking Express Advisor
You will have access to a Sampson Community College’s Viking Express advisor once you have been successfully admitted into the program.  Here is their contact information:

Susan Jernigan – Viking Express Advisor – Fall and Spring Semesters (910) 900-4098

Carole Phipps – Viking Express Advisor – Summer Semester (910) 900-4031

A Wise Decision
Clearly there are many benefits to enrolling in the Viking Express program.  If it seems like a good fit for you, then welcome aboard the Viking Express.  Contact Student Services at (910) 592-8081, to get started today.