Quality Enhancement Plan

Quality Enhancement Plan

A VOICE (Advising to Value Opportunities In Career and Education)

Name of Institution

Sampson Community College – Clinton, North Carolina

Primary Contact

Susan Baxter,
Division Chair of Education Programs and Executive Director of QEP
(910) 592-8081 ext. 2502

Executive Summary

Sampson Community College’s first Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), A VOICE (Advising to Value Opportunities in Career and Education), is a proactive plan designed to enhance the ability of all students to make informed program selections and build a strong academic foundation that will lead to attainment of their selected academic and career goals. In order to support students in attaining the skills needed to accomplish these goals, the institution will restructure current orientation and admission practices, redesign and emphasize college student success (ACA) courses, and strengthen advising practices. This plan will serve as a cornerstone for data-driven improvements fostering student success at Sampson Community College (SCC).

The student body of SCC needs resources for formulating clear, concise goals and providing knowledge and skills applicable to success in educational endeavors. Most of these students do not have time, resources, or desire to stay in college any longer than necessary. Their time at SCC is typically a stepping stone to either career or university studies. The smoothness of our students’ transitions into and through postsecondary education greatly impacts their persistence to goal completion. The QEP Committee realized the necessity of helping students successfully navigate pivotal educational experiences, leading to the formation of SCC’s QEP, A VOICE.

A VOICE is strongly tied to and upholds the institution’s mission and goals and brings to life the College’s motto, “Where Students Come First.” The QEP Committee reviewed best practices for new student orientation, first year experience, and community college advising to create a robust plan to guide SCC students through goal completion. A VOICE will provide SCC students with the opportunity to make educated career and program choices, obtain skills for academic and personal success, and work collaboratively with an advisor to stay on their selected career and educational pathways. The SCC family views this plan as an instrument to help improve the lives of our students, who are our priority.