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Admission to Nursing Programs

Sampson Community College uses special admission procedures for nursing programs. Applicants who wish to enter the Associate Degree Nursing or the Practical Nursing programs must meet additional admission requirements beyond those established for general college admission. Students interested in enrolling in one of the nursing programs must complete the admissions requirements below by March 15 of the year in which entry is desired. The college reserves the right to extend the application period when warranted.

Additional Admissions Requirements for Nursing Programs

  1. Evidence of successful completion of ALL prerequisite courses with a grade of “C” or better.  Prerequisite courses are high school or college Chemistry(CHM092 or higher) and Biology (BIO 110 or higher) with respective labs and Algebra (MAT 070).Each of these should be completed within the past ten years (if high school courses, 10 years by graduation date).  For nursing students, Chemistry and Biology are required prior to enrolling in BIO 168 and BIO 169.

  2. Interview with an admissions counselor.

  3. Completion of the Test of Essential Academic Skills V Test (TEAS V) within three years of the    proposed admission.  Applicants may take the TEAS V only after all prerequisites have been met. One retake per year is permitted.  This applies regardless of testing site. Applicants must obtain an Academic Preparedness level of Proficient, Advanced, or Exemplary to be eligible for admissions.

  4. Applicants must have successfully completed a North Carolina approved Certified Nurse Aide I program and be currently listed on the North Carolina Nurse Aide I Registry with no substantiated findings.  The Certified Nurse Aide I Training Program must include theory, lab, and clinical components.  If an applicant has taken the Certification in Nurse Aide I Program in a state other than North Carolina, this will be considered on an individual basis if the student is listed on the North Carolina Nurse Aide  I Registry with no substantiated findings. CPR must be current upon admission to the Nursing Program.  Note:  Certification in CPR must remain current throughout the nursing curriculum.

  5. Current CPR Certification - American Heart Association or American Red Cross.

  6. Students who have completed courses within their  program of study (Associate Degree Nursing or Practical Nursing) prior to entering nursing must have a grade of “C” or higher to be considered for acceptance into the Nursing Program.

  7. A student may have two admissions into the ADN program, the PNE program or the Advanced Placement.

  8. Applicants must have a cummulative GPA of 2.00 or higher.

The Application Process

Students desiring admission into the nursing program (Associate Degree Nursing or Practical Nursing) must complete the following steps by March 15 to be considered for the Fall semester.  The Nursing Admissions Committee will review all applications meeting the minimum stated requirements for consideration after March 15. If the class is not filled, the applicants completing all requirements after the March 15 deadline will be considered by the Nursing Admission Committee until the program is filled.

  1. Students who have completed all the prerequisites and obtained the required TEAS V scores must bring their TEAS V scores to the nursing department.
  2. Obtain and complete the Admission Requirements Course Checklist with a nursing faculty signature.
  3. The Admission Requirements Course Checklist is submitted by the student to the Director of Admissions.
  4. Applicants from previous years who meet the minimum qualifications will need to resubmit the Admission Requirements Course Checklist to the Director of Admissions.

The Application Review Process

Admission into the Nursing Programs is a competitive selection process for a limited number of students.  Fully qualified students will be ranked based on a point system.  Points will be awarded for the Test of Essential Academic Skills V Test (TEAS V) and other criteria.  Using a formula that assigns numerical values to specific criteria, all applicants will be ranked.  Acceptance into the ADN or PNE programs will be based upon the highest cumulative scores.

In case of a tie, the earliest date of  the submission of the Admission Requirements Course Checklist  to the Director of Admissions will be used to select applicants for admission to the program.

Point System for Associate Degree Nursing/Practical Nursing Applicants:

  1. Points for Test of Essential Academic Skills V Test (TEAS V).  All applicants will be required to complete the TEAS V within three years prior to their formal admission into the program.
  2. Points for College Course Work.  Applicants who have completed nine or more hours of ADN curriculum course work or six or more hours of PN curriculum course work will be awarded points for admission based upon the grades received. For purposes of this computation, the GPA will be calculated based on all related courses attempted within the curriculum. Note:  Developmental course work is excluded from this computation of points.

Students will submit to criminal background checks and drug screening upon admission to the nursing program and, random drug screenings, as directed by affiliating clinical agencies.   The results of the background check and drug screen may determine if a student is eligible to enter clinical agencies.  Students are responsible for the cost of the background check and drug screen.   Applicants should be aware that a student must be able to enter and/or remain in all clinical agencies to progress within the program. If a clinical site denies a student placement in their facility, the student would be unable to complete the required clinical component of the course; therefore, the student will be withdrawn from all NUR courses and will not be allowed to progress in the program.  The background check and drug screening must be completed by the specified date.  Failure to complete the process as specified will jeopardize enrollment in the program.

Applicants to the nursing program should be aware that if they have pled guilty to or have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor (other than a minor traffic violation), the NC Board of Nursing may restrict or deny licensure. The NC Board of  Nursing requires criminal history checks for each person applying to practice nursing in the state of North Carolina.

Updated: 3-31-11


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